What advantages does Viber give you?

  • Viber allows you to send messages up to 1000 characters (Cyrillic, Latin), without restrictions on characters and encoding. Add a picture, personal page button, link, stickers, emoticons, video and voice to your text.

  • No matter what country your customer is in - they will receive your message.

  • Share with your customers news and information about your products and services beyond the limits of SMS. Make each message personal and special. Your marketing campaigns will increase your effectiveness.

  • You receive feedback from the subscriber - when the message was delivered and how the subscriber reacted. Statuses are real-time and provide valuable information to your team.

  • You pay for a delivered message. At a fixed price.

If your message does not reach the user within the selected period, we will deliver it via another platform or SMS.


The Public Account opens up new opportunities for your business. Reach millions of users around the world and provide a personal connection with each one, in their preferred platform.

Options for working together.


Content-rich messages and many options allow you to talk to your users in real time.


Users communicate with you casually, as they do with their loved ones. The conversations are natural and personal.


chat bot

Social media and chat applications have become a preferred way to communicate with family and friends. The business has the opportunity to have more personal conversations with the customer, thanks to an automated interface called Chat Bot. This is a computer program that conducts a pleasant, human discussion with the client on behalf of the company. Communication is more natural than in a website or application. It saves human resources and serves many users without compromising on quality.

Marketing will use this powerful tool for its own purposes
Chat bots and messengers will allow greater automation in marketing.

Businesses will use Chat Bots on all popular platforms. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), these bots will have an intuitive interface and users will prefer them. Bots will integrate into websites, replace applications, displace email queries.

The chat bot will become the first point of contact with the client.